Our Story

Jimmy Lou’s was invented out of the love for BBQ. Louis Bistline and John Black were barbecuing almost every weekend for Family and Friends, so they decided to make their own sauce. After a lot of trial and error they came up with an amazing BBQ sauce concoction.

Jimmy Lou’s has an excellent foundation of ingredients and tastes delicious on just about anything you can think of:  ribs, chicken, chili, and the list goes on and on. After their sauce became popular among friends, family and neighbors, Louis and John discussed the name and Jimmy Lou’s was Born–Jimmy for John and Lou’s for Louis.

With the help of James Black and Jerry Black, Jimmy Lou’s was able to get to the point of bottling, packaging and finally, on sale. With the help of Dawna Bistline we have been able to set up several local BBQ booths and plan to do many more.

Need to add some flavor to your next backyard barbecue, weekend meal or “cook off”? Check out all of our awesome bbq sauce flavors!